RGB-Hex Color Code Converter

There are many occasions when it is quite useful to convert a color's code values from RGB to Hex or vice versa. For example, some graphics program provide access to the colors in RGB but not Hex code you need for HTML programming. Or, you may have the HEX value and want to enter the RGB value into a color wheel or other graphics program.

In the table below you can enter the value for a color in either RGB or Hex. As you enter each value, the color around the table will change to match the corresponding color codes and the equivalent value will appear in the relevant box. You can use this RGB-Hex converter in conjunction with the color wheel above to get all the information you need about your favorite colors.


Enter a 6-digit Hexadecimal Color Code to get the Inverse Value

It is often useful to have a two-color pairing to flip. This idea is sometimes used to change the colors of text and background for a menu or button, on mouseover.

Enter the HEX for a color you want to use, i.e. 445566, and click "Inverse Color". An alert box will give you the inverse color code. Click "OK" and your choice of color and its inverse will appear in a table below.

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Easily convert between RGB values and the Hex codes needed for HTML web page designs.