Privacy Policy

The privacy of visitors is important at The only personal information that might be collected from visitors will be information that visitors choose to supply themselves, and then only as part of signing up for some services or purchasing goods that may be advertised on this site. Such personal information is collected only by the entities supplying such services or goods.

This site uses cookies to track visitors' movements at the site. This enables us to analyze how visitors move from one page to another, and how often particular pages are viewed. This information is used to improve the web site. As part of this tracking, the IP addresses of visitors is collected, but only the last 20 IP addresses of visitors to a particular web page are kept for analysis at any one time. Thus the identification of visitors by IP addresses is temporary, and no lasting record is kept.

A range of goods and services are advertised on this web site, and this advertising requires third-party cookies. These cookies are a normal part of e-commerce and only record that a particular computer's user has clicked through from to another web site. Only if you sign up for, or purchase, goods and services will any personal information be recorded - and then, only by those companies with whom a visitor communicates. In all cases visitors are subject to the privacy policies of the other web sites involved.


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