Meta Refresh and Redirect

Use this online meta tag generator to build the code you need to automatically refresh your web pages or to redirect your visitors to a different page.

There are several reasons why you might want to send visitors who land on one page to another page. You can delay the redirection and add a brief message before they leave the first page; this ensures that visitors have read certain information before landing on the destination page. The message may be as simple as informing them that the page has moved and to reset their bookmarked Favorites. A redirect with a "0" delay is useful when you simply want to instantly transfer visitors from an old page that is indexed in the search engines to a new page or web site.

This automatic refresh or redirect can be done with a META tag that goes in the initial information of your web page. The form below will generate the right code for you to insert into your page.

Type in the full URL of the page to redirect your visitors to:

Choose the redirect delay in seconds:

Click "SELECT CODE" then Copy and paste the Meta Tag in between your <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags.



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Free online Meta tag code generator to automatically refresh a page or to redirect your visitors to a new page.