Colour Wheel and HTML Colour Code


Use the online Colour Wheel to select the right colour and HTML colour code for your designs.

INSTRUCTIONS: To start, you can move the crosshair in the top left colour spectrum to the general colour area you would like to work with.  Then you can adjust the saturation, the 'S' slider, or the brightness, the 'B' slider.  You can also fine tune the colour balance, by using the Red, Green, and Blue sliders. If you prefer exact RGB values, type in new R-G-B values to the right of the sliders and click the little button to the right. The HTML, or HEX code, for the colour you've selected appears immediately below the colour sample just to the right of the sliders. If you know the HEX value for a colour, you can type it in directly, and click the little button to the right.

The right hand side of the screen gives you various options for matching colours, by selecting different schemes - such as Complimentary, Split Complimentary or Triadic, etc. The HTML colour code for each colour is written on each colour block.

For more information on colour theory and general Help on using this tool, click on the ? button above.  To start all over click on the 'Start Over' button above.


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Use the HTML Colour Wheel code chart to select the right colour for your web designs.